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OK… I’m going to put myself out there and say that I like (and in some cases really like) these 15 movies that generally got panned and didn’t get any love. If you haven’t seen any of these movies yet, then give them a chance and go in with an open mind… I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised and then I won’t be the only one on this planet who enjoyed them. Below are also some trailers and featurettes.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

I know I’m in the minority but I think that Kristanna Loken and Nick Stahl did a good job in their roles, and that the ending was a cool surprise.

Terminator Salvation

Yes, there were some silly scenes but overall, this movie gave a good look at the post-apocalyptic world with some well-designed new machines.

Van Helsing

A fun film. Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll have a great ride with Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale as they take on Vampires, the Werewolf and Frankenstein.

Total Recall (the remake)

I loved the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This remake follows the same storyline but updated to the times and it works. My main complaint is that I would have preferred that it kept the same bright color-palette of the original. Also, I don’t like Jessica Biel but she was tolerable in this.



This movie wasn’t panned, per se, like some of the others on this list, but it didn’t get the love that it deserved. This is a tense story with amazing action scenes and Karl Urban rocks it as Dredd without ever showing his face.

Snow White & the Huntsman

Wait … don’t skip this movie because Kristen Stewart is in it. Don’t let the image of her in the trailer fool you. This is a pretty cool flick and Charlize Theron is pretty awesome as the evil villainess and the Thor-dude is in it also.


As background, I love Alien and Aliens, but found all the other Alien-related films to be disappointing. However, I really enjoyed the world and universe-building in Prometheus and the grand scale of the story. Yeees, many of the characters were idiots that you just want to smack around and have them destroyed by The Vision’s laser vision, but you got to look beyond those moments and appreciate the big picture.

The One

Jet Li and Jason Stathom fight their way across parallel universe’s in this entertaining flick that combines martial arts and sci-fi. I think that this is an underappreciated film.


I think this movie was in theaters for about one day and then it disappeared. Like everyone else, I skipped it in the theater, but eventually saw it on DVD and really enjoyed it. Love the visuals, the cinematography, the world-building, and the storyline. Even if you don’t like Tom Cruise, this is one that you should definitely see.

John Carter

I think that people are slowly coming around on this film. It’s definitely possible, and probably likely, that the only reason I like this movie is because I had such low expectations for it, going in. I don’t remember the name of this lead actor but he is also in Battleship which is the next film on this list.


Alright, I know that you’re wondering how Rihanna could be a good flick. Well, she is, and she only has a few scenes. This is a roller-coaster ride as the Navy fights some crazy aliens and its worth a couple of hours of your time.

Barb Wire

Yes, it’s cheesy, probably a weird, guilty pleasure. It’s not as bad as many people make it out to be. Watch it and make your own decision.


This is probably another movie where low expectations, or very very low expectations, resulted in a pleasant viewing experience. It has some funny moments and the best scenes were when Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges were OFF the screen and their memorable alter-egos were ON the screen, burning it up.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Holy geez, was that opening scene on the silly alien planet and the volcano AWFUL. Ugg, it really turned me off to the movie when I first saw it in the theater. However, since then, I’ve watched it several times (always skipping that opening scene) and I’ve grown to really enjoy it. Khan didn’t bother me as much as it did others, and I’ve come to really like Benedict Cumberbatch after seeing him in Sherlock.


AVP: Alien vs. Predator

This is another film that I was really disappointed in after seeing in the theater. And then, all the subsequent Alien/Predator movies were even worse. Then I started to like AVP a bit more, because it had at least some decent (not great, not even very good, but at least acceptable) fight scenes between the aliens and predators.


What film do you think got short changed and deserves more love? Post a comment.

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