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This is one of my favorite lists. It’s always great when you take a chance on watching a movie that you have NEVER heard of, and then it turns out to be AWESOOOOOME!

Here are my Top 12 best films that were huge surprises that I love recommending to people.




This is my absolute favorite surprise discovery … combines Horror with Time Travel with layers of mystery … you will definitely watch it several times to try to figure it all out.


Anton Yelchin (who played Chekov in the new Star Trek films and we miss a lot) plays an awesome character in this Action-Horror film who has to deal with crazy creatures in his own unique way.


Christian Bale and Sean Bean rock in this futuristic world ruled by the Gun Kata! Gun Kata! Gun Kata!


In my humble opinion, Milla Jovovich does an even better job in this futuristic story with loads of cool martial arts, swordplay and cinematography than she did in Resident Evil and Fifth Element. There is a Pose that Milla hits in a red outfit with a sword, after killing a bunch of faceless guards, that is absolutely awesome, kind of like the pose that River Tam hits in Serenity at the end of the movie after having killed a bunch of Reavers.


This Sci-Fi film starts as a slooooow-burn giving character background, but it quickly hits very cool sci-fi concepts and then accelerates to a dramatic conclusion. You’ll see a familiar face, Zander from Buffy, playing a good part.


This is one of those movies that will have you screaming “Holy Sh***t” at some of the scenes. You go along with Julianne Moore as she tries to figure out what’s real, what’s not and what the hell is going on.


A neat time-travel, time-looping story that will send your head spinning, and it’s worth it.


This is a no-hold barred, wacky, zany, wild ride that you’ve got to take. So who’s your favorite Bounty Killer in this post-apocalytic world?


Now that’s a cool monster. Now that’s a nasty way to die.  Now that’s an even nastier way to die. Famke Janssen (aka Jean Grey/Phoenix) and Treat Williams star in this monster-horror thriller at sea flick that’s fun from beginning to end.

#10. EXAM

An interesting psychological-horror thriller about how people deal with being in an intense, close-quarter situation where they have to follow rules that are all subject to interpretation and how their true personalities come out.


Play a life-and-death game when you don’t know the rules isn’t easy in this horror-thriller. Manipulate and deceive others to try to be the last one standing.


Hey, you can’t have a list without at least one comedy in it. I’m not really a fan of Gary Shandling, but he does a good job of playing a pretty clueless alien who visits Earth to experience all that earthlings have to offer in order to save his planet.



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