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“The Last Tree” – by Glow Production – CGI 3D Short Cinematic Trailer HD:

I luuuuv this short!

“This film follows a girl – “Theresa” who is a member of “Preservers” which comprises a small fraction of survivors. She is being pursuit by clone troop in a deserted land because she holds an important piece of information that could determine the fate of humanity.” – from Glow Production

Credits :
Director : Ryan Wong
Art Director : Ryan Wong & Tar Hoay
Modeling & Lighting : Tar Hoay, Joycelyn Yeoh, Cheng Mun, Zharcus Lee, Leone Low, Sam Loo, Di Hang
Simulation & Vfx : Voon Choon, Hee Chung
Animation : Chun Yong
Music & Sound : Imaginex Studio

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